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Great Britain 1967 CASTLES 2s6d pair with PERFORSTIONS DOUBLED - FORGERY

45967  Great Britain 1967 Castles (no wmk) 2s6d vertical pair with perforations doubled (stamps are quartered) an attractive and interesting modern forgery, unmounted mi...



Great Britain 1955 QEII WINDSOR CASTLE £1 IMPERF PAIR - Maryland Forgery

46427  Great Britain 1955 Windsor Castle £1  'Maryland' imperf pair 'unused' forgery, as SG 539 etc - the word Forgery is either handstamped or pri...



1971 Machin High Values 20p - £1 Presentation Pack. (No.38)

A fine pristine flat pack with complete cellophane. 1971 Machin High Values 20p - £1. Packs & Cards Cat PPD13.



1969 Machin High Values. Presentation Pack variety "two tufts" Pack PPD1b.

A fine pristine flat pack with complete cellophane. 1969 Machin High Values. Packs & Cards Cat PPD1b variety "two tufts on Unicorn's head".



1983-87 Parcel High Values set of 5

UM set of 5 values



1977 Machin High Values. Set of 3

UM set of 3 values



1963 Castle 5/- Red. WATERMARK INVERTED. SG 596aWi

Unmounted mint single