Terms and Conditions

GB and Empire Stamps is owned and operated by Ian Lasok-Smith (Philatelist)

In addition to the terms and conditions set out below use of this site by any buyer or "invited" seller acknowledges acceptance of further terms and conditions set out in About Us

The terms and conditions set out below are those adhered to by Ian Lasok-Smith (Philatelist) and are the minimum terms and conditions expected to be adhered to by any "invited" seller on the site. If any buyer suspects that an invited seller is failing to abide by these minimum terms please contact on PhilatelicRegister@gmail.com

Of particular importance to buyers on GB & ES:
This site (unlike the other websites operated by Ian Lasok-Smith) also acts as the window for "invited" sellers to sell items. I am not involved in the actual transaction between buyers and "invited" sellers. As a result, I have no control over the quality, safety or legality of the items listed the truth or accuracy of the listings, the ability of "invited" sellers to sell items or the ability of buyers to buy items. I cannot and do not control whether or not "invited" sellers will complete the sale of items they offer or buyers will complete the purchases of items. In addition, note that there are risks of dealing with foreign nationals, underage persons or people acting under false pretence.

Ian Lasok-Smth (Philatelist) will not be responsible for any items sold by "invited" sellers, for any damage to items during transit or during the inspection period, nor for misrepresentations and/or breaches of contract by either buyer and/or seller. Ian Lasok-Smth (Philatelist) will not be responsible for the cost of procurement of substitute goods or any losses resulting from any goods purchased or obtained from "invited" sellers

This web-site assumes no liability for the content of the listings. However if you fall victim of a fraudulent transaction we will assist you as much as we can.

NOTE: Ian Lasok-Smith is a full member of the Philatelic Traders Society and adheres to it's professional standards. "Invited" sellers are not required to be members of the PTS or other regulatory organisation. Buyers are advised to check by reference to the store details who they are dealing with. If buyers wish to seek clarification with regards any seller's status please email PhilatelicRegister@gmail.com

To use this site as a buyer or seller acknowledges acceptance of the terms as set out. Particular emphasis is drawn to:

All items are in fine condition i.e free of any hidden faults or defects unless specifically described. For used items it is expected that the image will be of the actual item for sale, unless specific clarification is given in description that image is generic.  If generic image used it is expected that it will be a true reflection of the condition of item for sale. Even though the image forms part of the description it is expected that any visible faults are mentioned in the description. 

IMPORTANT:  If a buyer receives an item which on inspection after receipt reveals a fault, even if this fault was found to be visible on sale image it is anticipated that a seller will honour the "no quibble" refund policy this site expects sellers to adhere to. It is hoped that adhering to the "spirit" and ethos of the site as well as the "law" will encourage the more discerning buyer and seller to participate.

Unmounted mint. Full original gum
Mounted mint. If hinge remnants remain this should be stated
Unused. No gum
Used. All used items are illustrated with actual item for sale unless specific mention that generic image used. It is expected that all used items will be in very fine / fine used condition i.e light, crisp (not unduly heavy or smudged) cancels that do not obscure key elements of design.
Items whose condition effectively renders them "space filler" quality will not be accepted and if identified will be removed without notice.

Terms of Sale / Return:
Some items, particularly errors and varieties may be illustrated with a "normal" to emphasise differences. Unless specifically stated to be included in purchase price normal examples should not be assumed to be included.

All items are sent on approval for at least 14 days against full payment.

All  sellers are expected to offer a full no quibble refund policy on all items returned in original condition within 14 days. Items should be returned using the secure packaging in which sent or equivalent.
If item is returned due to an error on sellers part (incorrect item, condition not as described....) return postage charges will also be refunded.
If there is a need to return an item please use a method of delivery that requires a signature on receipt. Proof of your having posted an item is not proof that it has been received.

"Make an Offer". 
This site provides the facility for sellers to offer items with a "make an offer" option. Unlike similar sites, there is no specific time limit on accepting an offer or making a counter offer on GB and Empire Stamps so long as item remains listed.