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1929 PUC 1½d WATERMARK SIDEWAYS. Strip of 3

Unmounted mint strip of three, as illustrated.



1970 Christmas 5d. SHIFT OF EMERALD GREEN DOWNWARDS. SG 839 var

UM single with large downward shift of emerald green colour (manger) to extent on first glance appears missing. Illustrated with normal at right.



1841 2d Blue WATERMARK INVERTED. SG 14Wi. Scarce

Three good margins cut into at right. An otherwise clean example of this scarce watermark variety with a clear easily visible INVERTED WATERMARK



1948 CI Liberation 2½d. Listed variety "crown flaw" SG Spec. QCom13a

Positional block of four with variety "crown flaw" R 1/1. Mounted in upper margin. All stamps unmounted mint with some light gum wrinkling.



1/6 Blue green & dark blue. Fine used MISSING GREENISH BLUE. SG 743a or 743Eva

Fine used MISSING GREENISH BLUE. Normal 2 phos bands.



1971 General Anniversaries 9p. Missing Phosphor. SG 889y

Fine unmounted mint single MISSING PHOSPHOR.



1972 BBC 3p. SHIFT OF YELLOW & GREY. SG 909 var.

UM single with shift of both yellow (terminals at left at first glance appearing as yellow omitted) and grey (Queen's head). Illustrated and supplied with normal at ...



SG 902Ey. 1972 General Anniversaries 7½p. Missing Phosphor. SG 902y.

Unmounted mint single MISSING PHOSPHOR



1965 Parliament 2/6. Watermark Inverted. SG 664Wi

Fine unmounted mint single



1929 Postal Union Congress ½d. K29 Control strip of three

Unmounted mint. Plate 1 marking



1929 Postal Union Congress 1d. K29 Control pair

Control pair. Mounted on right hand stamp. Control stamp unmounted mint



1929 Postal Union Congress 1d. K29 Control single

 Mounted min control single



1929 Postal Union Congress 2½d. K29 Control single

Mounted mint control single.



1929 PUC 1d. "CO joined" variety. K29 Control block. NCom6e

An attractive control K29 block of six with listed variety "CO joined" R 19/11. This block mounted on top left  and middle stamps.