How to set up and manage your store on GB & ES.

The following notes are a guide to setting up and running your store on GB&ES. Much of the set up is self explanatory. 

There are currently two categories of store:

A store must contain at least 1 item for it to be visible on site.

Standard Store: No fee. Limited to 250 items

Premium Store: £2.50 fee recurring every 30 days. From 1 to 2000 items per store. 

Final Value Fee: 5% sale price in both stores.

If you wish to sell on GB&ES you must have “seller” status and open a store. Items cannot be listed outside of a store. The site is currently set to permit only “Buy it Now” items i.e no auction listings. You have the option to ask buyers to “Make an Offer”.

Register on the site and send me an email to to advise that you wish to set up a store and sell. I will then activate your seller permissions.

It is recommended that you set up your store completely i.e complete all entries on your store pages such as store description, company policies, shipping policies, create your postage tiers etc. In effect run through all items listed in the set up instructions below BEFORE ENABLING your store.


Once chosen store format / subscription is selected, the set up is the same for each store.

Choose your desired subscription.

Enter your store name. Cannot be blank

Enter a store description

Select a logo. Any suitable image from a file on your PC

Store Category. (click in box and select one from drop down menu) This cannot be blank. Due to detailed nature of listing categories (to see the full detailed listing categories click “BUY” link at top of page) it is unlikely that one category will be suitable for any one store. Select any category or closest to your area of interest.

Store Meta Description. Enter any keywords you want to assist search engines. This box can be left blank if you wish.

Select Categories. You may leave this blank. Doing so will ensure you have access to all the listing categories on the site. If you only wish to sell in a very few specific categories you may select these. These will then be the only category options offered when you go to list an item. You can edit this section at any time.

IMPORTANT: Once you have completed above (and on any other occasion you return to make edits) click PROCEED before leaving page. If you fail to do this all changes will be lost. This applies to all pages you can access on which you can add and edit information.


I would advise entering information in all these sections to: describe the material you sell, advise on your shipping terms are. Importantly describe your returns policy. Providing this type of useful and essential information is important to convey your professional approach and will help to give potential buyers confidence.


The email address entered here is the email address used when you registered with site. This is the email address to which all notification of sales, offers, payments etc are sent. This email address does not have to be the same as your PayPal email address.


Enter you PayPal email address here. This is required to allow you to take secure online payments to your paypal account and to permit any payments due to Ian Lasok-Smith to be settled securely on line at end of each month or when debit limit reached, which ever occurs soonest. It is also required to facilitate you “ENABLING” your store if a monthly subscription is required, i.e making it live and ready to sell. NOTE: Stores remain invisible on the site if they are empty. You must have at least 1 item listed for sale for store to be visible.

Sales Invoice. Custom Setting. Can remain blank. Any text entered here will appear on invoice generated when sale made.


All are enabled by default. Edit as required.


Global Setting. Activate and disable as you wish

Fees Calculator. Not relevant as only fee is sale fee. This is 10% and automatically debited to your account.

Pre-filled Fields. If there are elements of your listings that will be consistent and the same for all items put up on the site, time can be saved in the listing process if these are detailed and saved here. If they are not appropriate for the occasional item these can be edited as the listing is being made.

Seller Vouchers. You may create your own discount vouchers and offer to all or selected buyers.

Postage Set Up. This is the section that takes a little time to set up. I would recommend the following whether you wish to sell just to the UK or also Overseas.


Once these setting selected you will be presented with “Location Groups” 4 boxes in which to enter your information.

In the “Enter Name” box put your postage/shipping option category. For UK destinations I suggest you offer the following options: UK 1st Class (buyers risk), UK Recorded Delivery, UK Special Delivery. For Europe & Overseas I suggest you use: Standard Airmail (Buyers Risk), International Signed for.

Just select one category for each “enter name” box.

In the “First” box enter the postage rate you will charge for the named shipping option. Just use digits e.g 1.75 or 0.65. Do not add £ sign.

In the “Addl” box you have the option to add an additional fee for each additional item. My advice is to enter 0.00 in this box.

In the “choose locations” box left click mouse. A drop down menu of destinations appears. Select your chosen destination. For UK shipping options you only have to click United Kingdom. If you are adding locations for overseas sales left click and select destination. Then repeatedly left click and select destination until you have chosen all desired destinations for this shipping category.

Once all the 4 boxes have been filled click ADD. This will save your settings for that shipping option and present you with 4 new empty Location Group boxes for you to set up another tier of postage.



When you have completed setting up your store as detailed above you can click on the ENABLE button. If you are setting up a “Standard” store there is no fee and your store will be active. It will only be visible on site when there is at least one listed item. If you have selected a “Premium Store” you will be required to make a payment of £2.50 via PayPal to activate store.


There is a green box with credit written in it. As you sell items it will turn red and say debit. This tots up fees owed as a sale is made and will register 10% of all sales. When there is a debit amount a button to enable you to make a payment to settle account appears. Accounts to be settled at the end of each month or when debit reaches £100, whichever occurs soonest.

NOTE: Those sellers who actively manage their stores i.e add to stock on a regular basis will have their stores and significant individual items promoted through my regular newsletter at no extra charge. Such active sellers are encouraged to advise me of any significant updates to listings or particularly fine and interesting individual items. Items of particular merit may be considered for inclusion in my Stamp Magazine advertisements.


Sellers may operate more than one store on the site. To do this will require the setting up of separate accounts for each store. The "username" for each account must be different, all other user details can be the same.

"Wants" notification. Any new store subscriber  who would like to receive details of "wants" known to me with regards to specific items of interest or broad collecting interests can SUBSCRIBE HERE. Subscribers will be able to remove themselves from such emailings at any time and will then need to actively resubscribe if they wish to resume receiving in the future. No details identifying the individuals making specific "wants" known will be revealed.

Combining Invoices

When invoices are generated they appear in both the buyers and sellers account. So long as an invoice remains unpaid both buyer and seller have ability to combine invoices (handcuff icon at right of invoice)

Sellers can also edit unpaid invoices (file icon at right of invoice)

Listing Items

To list an item click on sell. It is pretty foolproof, if you miss an essential step the site reminds you.

Every listing must have at least one image. Can have up to 10 (all free). The current maximum size of an image is 5000 KB

Make an Offer

If you elect to accept offers leave the min and max boxes empty. Unfortunately if you fill these in and a buyer makes an offer below you minimum they will be asked to re-enter and are advised of your minimum. Even if you do elect to put a min and max any offer must be accepted by you. None go through automatically.

Also an offer is not time limited as on ebay. An offer can be accepted / rejected / or countered at any time during the duration of the listing.

When listing my preference is to use unlimited. You can chose any duration from the drop down menu you wish. You can set up to 50 auto relists.

Feature on home page / category page / highlight. I always select category page. I would rather only items £5 or more appear on home page.

The home page randomly features items from the pool of "feature on homepage" items every time page is refreshed.

If a buyer wishes to browse a particular store the name can be entered in the “search” box on STORE PAGE and this shop will appear.

Ebay Lister.  This facility is currently disabled. I intend GB & ES  to remain a site where discerning collectors can reliably find high quality (both with respect to condition and interest) material. I wish to avoid the listing of very basic and common material, and material of poor quality with regards condition i.e I wish only to host discerning sellers. In order to maintain standards on the site I will regularly review listings and delete those I feel do not fit with the ethos of the site. I reserve the right to do this without need to give reason.  I believe all discerning and serious sellers will appreciate this "policing" of the site and are unlikely to be affected themselves. The availability of the Ebay lister exposes the site to risk of a less discerning seller flooding the site with possibly inferior quality and basic material. This I wish to avoid. Once sellers are familiar with the workings of the site and have optimised use of  e.g pre-filled fields, list similar functions etc it takes very little time to list a new item. For the negligible fees and the potential "exposure" to discerning buyers the site offers, I believe this is a fair "trade off".