Terms for Invited Sellers

It is not possible to list items for sale on GB and Empire Stamps (incorporating World Specialist Stamps) without formal approval and activation of seller status.

Those wishing to be considered for "seller" privileges should contact Ian Lasok-Smith (Philatelist) by email in first instance enquiries@gbphilately.co.uk

ALL sellers will be expected to agree to a set of standard terms and condition designed to maintain the quality of service offered through the site. These terms and conditions will include  an agreement to except returns with full refund including costs of return postage if return is  a consequence of error on the part of seller. 

ALL sellers will be required to open a store. However all sellers will be able to list items on the main site as well as in their store. Any item can appear in both store and main site. Featured items appear randomly on the home page from the entire pool of featured items. The items visible on home page change every time page is refreshed.

ALL sellers will require a Paypal account to enable the smooth running of the site and to enable sellers to utilise the accounting and secure payment facility. My own personal experience of running several websites for a number of years is that virtually no customer pays other than by paypal or debit / credit card. Paypal is a portal through which buyers may pay by credit / debit card without need themselves to have a Paypal account.

ALL sellers agree that in order to maintain standards and quality of material offered through the site Ian Lasok-Smith can without need to give reason remove any listing deemed to detract from "ethos" of site.

There will be a limit to the number of "invited" sellers who can use the facilities at any one time.

FEES (and what you get for them)

There will be a monthly fee for  the Premium store, currently £2.50. This is to try and ensure that those who wish to use the facilities offered do so actively and do not leave their store "dormant". The Premium store currently has a capacity of 2000 items at any one time

NOTE: Since October 2018 the facility to open a "standard" store with NO monthly fee has been offered.  The store capacity is currently limited to 250 items at any one time.

There will be a "final value" fee charged on all sales. There are no other fees. All features of the site including, listing, "best offer", "buy it now", images (up to 10 per item), facility to issue discount vouchers, messaging facility, email notification of bids,offers,sales, full invoicing facility, ability to take online payments ....are included in final value fee.

Those sellers listing scarcer, more valuable, selected specialised items may have their listings promoted through my Newsletters and for exceptional material through my advertisments in National Philatelic press. There will be no additional fee for this service. Any material selected for such promotion will be entirely at the discretion of Ian Lasok-Smith. There is no guarantee or promise to promote any particular seller.

GB and Empire Stamps is designed and hosted by the team that has designed and hosts most of my other websites. This team has proved reliable with efficient and speedy support when required. I will endeavour to sort out any problems that sellers may have quickly. I cannot be responsible for problems resulting from issues with hosts servers etc. Past experience has indicated such problems are infrequent and rectified expeditiously.


Sellers are reminded that this site although offering many of the features of "ebay" type sites is NOT intended to be an "ebay". This site will not have the same global reach as such sites. This site will hopefully appeal to the more discerning seller and buyer as a consequence of the rigorous standards that will be expected of sellers and will be maintained by Ian Lasok-Smith. There will be a limit to the number of "invited sellers" allowed to host at any one time to ensure standards can be "policed"

Current Fees.

Premium Store Fee:  £2.50 recurring every 30 days. Up to 2000 items per store. No minimum or maximum pricing.

Standard Store . No fee. Limited to 250 items.

Final Value Fee: 5% sale price

There are no other charges

Fees are accumulated automatically in sellers account. It is expected that store holders settle fees due at end of each month.

There is a maximum debit limit of £25 per account. Automatic notification will be sent if this limit is exceeded. If account not settled within 5 days of such notification automatic suspension is activated. Account will be reactivated at no extra charge once account cleared.

NOTE: Those sellers who actively manage their stores i.e add to stock on a regular basis will have their stores and significant individual items promoted through my regular newsletter at no extra charge. Such active sellers are encouraged to advise me of any significant updates to listings or particularly fine and interesting individual items. Items of particular merit may be considered for inclusion in my Stamp Magazine advertisements.